Pet Policy


Many of our properties are pet friendly. If your holiday accommodation is a designated pet friendly property, the pet policy must be adhered to.

ALL dog droppings must be removed from premises prior to departure. A fee will be charged if there are droppings left in the yard.

Your dog must not be taken inside the premises unless the property listing states otherwise.

If the property listing specifies pets are allowed inside, they are only allowed on tiled or timber floors. Pets are not permitted in bedrooms, on carpet, furniture or beds.

You are required to remove all traces of your pet from inside the property prior to departure, including a thorough removal of hair.

The owner of the dog is liable for any damage caused (including repairs, cleaning, steam cleaning) to the premises, and any loss suffered by the property owner as a result of this.

It is the occupiers’ responsibility to ensure their dog is suitably restrained within the rear yard of the premises. Not all of our pet friendly properties are completely fenced as many back onto the river or bush land. Please check with us if this is an issue for your pet.

A barking or aggressive dog will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in the termination of your booking. Please be aware that while many dogs don't bark at home, they can do so while in an unfamiliar place so we encourage you to take them with you when you go out.

If there is found to be any infringement relating to any of the above, your booking may be terminated immediately.